DFRPG Power Levels

The following power levels for DFRPG were posted by Fred Hicks. These will provide a good framework for planning.

Feet in the Water (6 refresh, 20 skill points, skill cap at Great): At this level you are just getting started with your supernatural life. Highly customizable templates aren’t going to be able to add much, so this is really the “enhanced mortal” game—you can do stuff that even the best of humanity cannot (but only barely). Typical characters might include a Focused Practitioner (page 76), a Lycanthrope (page 79), a Minor Talent (page 80), a Red Court Infected (page 80), a True Believer (page 82), a weak Were-Form (page 82), or a White Court Virgin (page 85). Some base templates are technically affordable, but you’ll seem pretty weak until you can afford some upgrades. These include a Champion of God (page 73), a Changeling (page 74), an Emissary of Power (page 75), or a Faerie Court Knight (page 78).

Up to Your Waist (7 refresh, 25 skill points, skill cap at Great): This level really represents “name level” for a lot of the templates—that point at which you can definitively be respected as being “that thing,” whatever it is. You might not be all that experienced, but at least you start to register on the supernatural sonar. The Sorcerer template (page 81) opens up as an option, or you can customize the first level options pretty well.

Chest-Deep (8 refresh, 30 skill points, skill cap at Superb): At this point, you’re playing with at least minor-league power. You’ll have taken a lot of the upgrades to many of the templates at this stage. Wizard (page 86) and White Court Vampire (page 84) are now character options.

Submerged (10 refresh, 35 skill points, skill cap at Superb): You are a major-leaguer; refined customization and combination are options for all templates—it becomes possible at this stage to be a Champion of God with a Sword of the Cross, or a Werewolf who can do earth evocations, or a Red Court Infected who becomes the Emissary of the Buddha as a way of taming his impulse control. For the stronger templates, this power level provides some tweaking; for the weaker ones, it provides the chance to make your character supernaturally one of a kind.

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DFRPG Power Levels

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