San Diego

Bordering Mexico and the infamous city of Tijuana, San Diego stands in sharp contrast to itself and its varied communities. It is a center of culture and art. It has a massive military footprint, MCAS Miramar, Camp Pendleton, and the heart of the US Navy’s Third Fleet are located here. It is also the site to some of the worst atrocities in the ongoing drug war along the USA-Mexico Border.

Since the beginning of the Vampire War, San Diego has also been on the front lines between the Wardens and the Red Court controlled Cartels to the South. Tijuana in the past has suffered the brunt of the war but the Reds are now pushing across the border…

Welcome to sunny San Diego, America’s Finest City. Welcome to the Front.

This campaign will use the forthcoming Dresden Files RPG by Evil Hat. DFRPG uses a modified version of Fate 3.0 Dresden Files RPG. Coming… June 2010, Origins Game Fair

Magic, Guns & Gaslight

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